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JL Home Conracting Basement Remodel

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10276 Windrose Curve

Elko, MN 55020

507-298-7565 (Call or Text)

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Customer Reviews

Gerald F.,

Lakeville, MN

"Joe and Lori were fantastic to deal with. Great work and no hidden or surprise costs. We could not have been more pleased. In fact, we recommended them to our neighbors and they hired them too!"
PROJECT: Basement Remodel

Willie R.,

Lakeville, MN

"Joe is honest and excellent to work with! "
PROJECT: Basement Remodel

Jim C.,

Ellendale, MN

"Work was done in a Friendly, Professional, and Timely manner."
PROJECT: Install Interior Trim and Decorative Moldings

Mark B.,

Farmington, MN

"We are very satisfied with the JL. ‚items will pop up that could not be predicted, supply chain hassles that are outside anyone's control and dealing with subs and all were addressed quickly and professionally."
PROJECT: Basement Remodel

Who We Are

Who is 'JL'?

Joe has decades of experience in construction and business ownership. Lori has a background in the mortgage industry as well as a prior Zumba instructor and owner. With our combined strengths we set out to work together to create JL Home Contracting LLC.

We have lived "south of the river" all of our life. We currently reside south of Lakeville with Joe’s 3 children Joseph (Thomas), Tucker, Fiona, a dog named Jess, and a cat named Steve. We take great pride in our community and enjoy small-town living. Making connections and building relationships with homeowners is our passion.

trade show family
Trust and integrity are who we are and what we believe in.

We strive to communicate daily to provide updates on progress and put homeowners' minds at ease. We stick very true to our morals and values which can be seen daily when we arrive with positive attitudes ready to take on the project needs. We can work together in the field every day to build relationships with homeowners, and transform their homes one detail at a time. We pride ourselves on working with the best subcontractors in their industry. We only work with family owned and/or local small business subs that provide excellent service.


When we aren’t meeting our homeowner’s needs, we enjoy live music, traveling, camping, and watching professional, and our kid’s sporting events!


Our main focus is family and friends because connection and bonds are what make life worth living.

We hope you chose JL Home Contracting LLC for all your homeowner needs. Consequently telling all your friends and family about your superior experience working with the best team in town.

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